• eCourse on Public Procurement: Principles, Categories and Methods

    (4-part introductory eCourse with useful resources)

  • What is Public Procurement?

    (This eBook proposes a practical definition of Public Procurement)

  • Procurement Planning Basics

    (This eBook addresses the basics of public procurement planning)

  • Essential Principles of Public Procurement

    (This eBook introduces principles as the foundation of public procurement)

  • Identifying and Selecting Procurement Methods

    (This eBook gives you a brief overview of the procedures used for procuring goods and services)

  • Member Forums

    (Several forums are available exclusively to members for discussing relevant procurement topics)


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  • …Very interesting web site and information. I think this is of great value to promoting public sector procurement. There needs to be more available in the way of mentoring procurement colleagues, and improving the professional image of public sector procurement."
    Barbara Cairney FCIPS, FCMI
  • Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful information for to be Procurement Professional. I will be making use of the resource with your permission for my students to learn from your experience."
    Sajjad Hussain

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